Warning! Script temporally unavailable on your language. Supported languages: Russian.

Features and Benefits of the Script

You do not need to manually import SQL files into a database or edit files, the installation runs through the interface in a few clicks! You only need to enter the required data that, and nothing more!
For scripts management has integrated functional control panel. With its functions you can fully control the settings of the script!
The script has a smart delivery of the product: if the server has an offline script it will retry issuing every few minutes until the goods are successfully delivered to the buyer.
The script works directly with RCON server that allows you to get rid of extra plug-ins. Together with smart delivery, the script is guaranteed to give out all the purchases!
The system of coupon codes is integrated into the script. You can create coupons with a certain percentage discount and a limited number of uses!
Full performance features are not currently guaranteed. With this function, players can buy one product and after a while pay extra some amount to another product!
For ease of administration of your server in the CP (control panel) integrated online RCON console. With it you can manage your server as if you were doing it out of its present console, but only in the browser!
The script integrates the support of many popular payment systems. Their number can increase as the script is updated. You can offer some payment systems will be added later! At the moment, supported by:
  • InterKassa
  • UnitPay
  • MyKasa
  • FreeKassa
  • RoboKassa
  • WebMoney Merchant
  • WalletOne
The script has support for working with multiple servers. You can define the goods for all servers, or for some specific one!
With your group on VKontakte.COM and control panel script, you can set up automatic notification of successful purchases to your account VKontakte!
Honestly, I do not even think of it as an advantage =3